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​​Meet Professor Wordsmith

John Madormo, a.k.a. Professor Wordsmith, has spent more than 30 years as a college professor teaching screenwriting and copywriting courses. He offers professional proofreading, copy editing, and script formatting services to screenwriters looking to hone their craft. 

John Madormo has sold a screenplay to an LA production company, entered into multiple cash option agreements with Hollywood producers, secured agency representation, walked off with the Grand Prize at a national writing competition, and is the author of a mystery series published by Penguin Books.

It's been said that you have a better chance of becoming an astronaut than you do of becoming a successful screenwriter. With that said, you must do everything in your power to submit a letter-perfect script to agents, managers, producers, and contest judges. John Madormo can help you eliminate your grammar, punctuation, spelling and script formatting errors so that you have the best possible chance of impressing members of the film industry. 

If you have written a screenplay, and are about to test the waters, but are uncertain about the quality of your effort, John is here to critique your script in a meticulous and methodical fashion. He will make recommendations that will help turn your script into a project worthy of contest submission, or even agency consideration. In the process, this veteran professor will help you learn the fundamentals of screenwriting.

John can help you make the transition from an unpublished creative writer to a full-blown screenwriter. If you're a novice writer looking for expert proofreading and copy editing services, let John Madormo help you put the finishing touches on your screenplay. John is especially skilled at working with struggling, unsold screenwriters. 

Writing a feature-length script isn't easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, screenwriting is one of the most difficult professions at which to succeed. But if you have the patience, the discipline, and the tenacity to dedicate yourself to this goal, you just may surprise yourself. But don't rush things. Don't send a script before it is in pristine condition. Don't let a great story fall prey to spelling, punctuation, grammatical or script formatting errors. Let John Madormo help you eliminate the speed bumps on the road to success.

This is the only proofreading service on the market that


You heard me right.  You don't just get back a script with  mistakes crossed out or filled with meaningless editing symbols.  John will make the corrections to your original script. You submit a screenplay with errors--and you receive a script in letter perfect condition.
And, by the way, if you're an aspiring author with a manuscript in need of editing, look no further than John Cannon, a lifelong friend, and former newspaper editor at a major metropolitan daily with decades of experience.  John's service is thorough, effective, and might just be the difference between a publishing contract and years at the bottom of the slush pile. 
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